The Finger Blaster Challenge!

team building

The Finger Blaster Challenge! In this playful and interactive programme, you will sneakily launch “rocket missiles” to your opponents while ducking their missiles in return! This activity initiates and develops Intentional and Interactive relationships with others by instantly getting past the barriers of resistance. Let go of your inhibitions and discover the kid inside you. Start loading up your missiles now!

Just insert your finger in the loop, pull back and fire and watch these little Styrofoam Darts fly. Throw away your inhibitions to discover the kid inside you, as you sneakily launch ‘rocket missiles’ with wild abandon to the opposing team and try to duck their return missiles and plot for revenge!!

This little but mighty toy includes a chil-like response of play, instigating an interactive and playful relationship in a healthy safe environment. Intentional & Interactive relationships are developed as barriers of reisstance and ambivalence disappear.

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