Power Paintball

team building

Experience the adrenaline rush from dodging paintballs and the pride from accomplishing your mission with your fellow comrades. The Power of Paintball comes with its versatility, allowing you to choose your desired experience either Entertainment or Edutainment.

Entertainment – A day of fun and recreation. Re-enact settigns that includes team rescue, hostage situation or the classic ‘Capture the Flag’.

Edutainment – An excellent platform to de-stress whilst enhancing teamwork in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Structure each experience to your organizations/department’s learning specifics.

De-stress or test your tactical skills through an exciting game of paintball! Jam-packed with action, paintball incorporates imaginative game concepts from the classic ‘Capture the Flag’ to fast-paced strategy games. Re-enact various scenarios that include team rescue, hostage situations, and conquering the enemy. Theme games are also highly popular and FOCUS Adventure can design a theme tailored to your ideas. There is always room for creativity!

teamwork teamwork

All paintball players receive a full briefing before the day’s action commences, with an emphasis on safety precautions, as well as proper use of the paintball equipment provided. All players are provided with full face, temple, ear and eye protection masks for maximum safety. Now here’s your chance to be in SWAT!

Blobs of paint!

Nirwana Gardens (Bintan), Bintan Lagoon Resort

Duration Price

10-15 min S$50 per pax (first 50 pellets)