Corporate Team Building Facilities

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Team Challenge Hourglass

First in Malaysia and exclusivity in design of structure in South Malaysia.

Team Challenge Hourglass is a 30m high hourglass structure designed to be achieved with the support and encouragement of every team member. The TCH will prove itself to be the most comprehensive outdoor challenge tower structure in Asia.



Team Challenge Pyramid

The Team Challenge Pyramid is a 25 metres high tower designed to be conquered only with the support and encouragement of every team member. It is sure to build camaraderie among the team members.

A group of 5 must ascend an upward spiral to the peak of the pyramid with a series of challenges along the way. At the top of the tower, each member descends individually to the group via the Flying Fox.




Low Elements

Low Elements are designed to get the participants to work as a team and be responsible for the safety of others as well as for themselves. These are great interaction and communication tools.

  • - Low Wall
  • - Meuse
  • - Trust Fall
  • - TP Shuffle
  • - Over the Top
  • - Mohawk Walk
  • - Trolley
  • - Giant’s Finger
  • - Whale Watch
  • - Wild Woozey
  • - Nitro Crossing
  • - Spider’s Web
  • - Triangle Tension Traverse



High Elements

High Elements are about 10 metres high above the ground and provide participants with opportunities to confront fears & examine how people react when they face intimidating challenges

  • - Balancing Beam
  • - Parallel Walk
  • - Jacob’s Ladder
  • - Postman’s Walk
  • - Multi-Vine
  • - Dangle Duo
  • - Burma Bridge
  • - Pamper Pole
  • - Giant Swing


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