Team Building

team building

The Team Building Challenge

“Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare”..Patrick Lencioni, noted author.

While most leaders appreciate the above truth, the hunt for this “elusive elixir” of Teamwork, is by far one of painful difficulty. “I don’t know how to create it, but I definitely know it when I see it”. Sometimes when one is too close to the action, the perspective is clouded. By the deft use of experiential learning combined with the power of play artificial barriers are often brought down and the inherent wisdom of the team rises to the fore.

Are you ready to embark on The Team Building Challenge?

List of Activities

1. Low Elements
2. High Elements
3. Team Challenge Pyramid
4. Team Challenge Hourglass
5. Mobile Adventure Programme
6. Ready Set Action Challenge!
7. The Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge!
8. The Kayaking Challenge!
9. The Rafting Challenge!
10. The Sandcastle Challenge!
11. The Domino Challenge!
12. The Cooking Challenge!
13. The Trebuchet Challenge!
14. The Combat Tank Challenge!
15. The GeoCaching Challenge!
16. The Creative Clay Challenge!
17. The Finger Blaster Challenge!
18. The Roller Coaster Challenge!
19. The Laser Combat Challenge!
20. The Banana Boat Challenge!
21. The Incredible Race
22. The Rhythm Challenge!
23. Lego Serious Play
24. JETSKI Safari
25. Action ATV
26. Power Paintball