Vision, Mission, Core Values

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World Class Adventure Learning

As one of the premier adventure training providers in the region, FOCUS Adventure strives towards providing experiential learning programmes of the highest quality, and of reputable excellence by world standards.


Catalyst for Growth, Development & Change

We are committed to be a catalyst for personal, interpersonal and organisational growth and change. Through experiential learning, we unleash an individual’s potential, leading to greater self-awareness and self-confidence, thus creating dynamic synergy in a team and a robust working culture.


FOCUS Adventure believes that one maximises the learning experience when enjoying activities and having a good time. The FOCUS Adventure team consists of fun, professional individuals who are passionate about what they do and are always happy to inject fun elements into your learning programmes.

We encourage open communication and interaction. This creates a healthy learning and working environment that eventuates in lasting results. In addition, new knowledge is absorbed more easily and effectively through an open channel of communication.

We all know that life ain’t a smooth ride. Challenges stimulate one to go against all odds and grow stronger. FOCUS Adventure aims to build your inner strength so you can conquer any personal obstacles and emerge victorious as a team by giving you a challenging and adventurous experience.

We listen to and understand your needs to better assist in evaluating your objectives so that we can effectively customise a learning programme for you.

At FOCUS, all equipment and procedures comply with International Safety Standards. Rest assured that we will never compromise your safety at all times. Albeit the importance of having fun, safety always comes first.