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Andrew Chua

Andrew Chua has over 10 years of experience in adventure learning. He is one of the pioneer facilitators that populated integration of action-oriented and interactive experiential learning modules into mainstream programmes like Teambuilding Challenge, Situational Leadership, The Leadership Challenge, The Learning Organisation and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. This has effected a transformation in learning within the corporate arena.

Andrew has designed and facilitated in programmes specific to client’s objectives like conflict management, problem solving, values integration and shared vision. He has worked with most of the market leaders of various industries like Cisco Systems, FedEx, Citibank, Seagate Technologies, AIA, HSBC, SingTel and P&G.

Andrew is currently pursuing an MBA from the University of Leicester. He holds a Diploma in Human Resource Development and a Degree in Business Administration. In addition, he is licensed to conduct Situational Leadership II (Ken Blanchard and Co), Strength Deployment Inventory (Dr Elias Porter, PSP) and The Innovative Team (Leahy and Associates). In 2006, Andrew attended LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation workshop in Florida and become one of the few LSP certified facilitators in Singapore. Andrew is also a Certified Behavioural Consultant. His model for individual and team development is VISION, ACTION and PASSION

Contact Andrew at andrew@FOCUSAdventure.com